26 November 2014

I need to be alone

It's true: I need to be alone quite often.
I believe that our own selves is the only thing we have for sure, and we must be comfortable with our own skin and persona to enjoy solitude and even moments of loneliness. I think this a crucial experience in life, no other way we can find and get to know ourselves if we are afraid of our own lives. 
In the past years, I've been finding myself enjoying and reveling on moments alone more than anything in the world, because that's when I tend to do whatever I want to do, not depending on external factors. I'm such a demanding and thoughtful person and, more often than not, I accept nothing but the best for my life. This characteristic of mine inevitably makes it hard to find pleasure in being surrounded by people with whom I can't find empathy. I've had (I still do!) actually some moments when I couldn't avoid some social life which turned out to be a tremendous effort. Luckily, and thanks to some maturation of my personality and some personal choices, these moments are more and more rare.
Sometimes I get to realize the amount of people I cutted out of my life and it simply amazes me, I love it! It's something so empowering!
The same goes for other moments, take a job for instance. I'm no good on keeping up with things that don't please me.
Learning to say no and get to know ourselves are really very important steps for quality of life. It's a process, it's a process though...

I need to be alone for certain periods of time or I violate my own rhythm.  

Lee Krasner

25 November 2014

An excerpt of a letter written to Kafka's sister the moment he bought his first house (because there's nothing in this world I want more than a place by my own and my myself alone, can't wait for that moment to come): 

It's something very special to have one's own house, to shut out the world, not with the door just to the room or to the apartment, but the door to the whole building.

Franz Kafka

24 November 2014


The absent of tourists, and people in general, a historical small village on the top of a hill in the long and plane land - Alentejo that is, a mantle of grey colors hovering over our heads making the green ones, the greenest this beautiful land can get (most of the time it's golden and dry), even more vibrant and the medieval presence, made this an eerie and beautiful saturday afternoon among shale streets and whitewashed walls.


21 November 2014



(noun) An individual who professes to be a lover of all things beautiful in life. An aesthete has a great eye and a developed sensitivity for the finer things in the world. They wildly appreciate art, and are connoisseurs of refinement, style and delicacy: all things lovely in life. They are visual creatures with an ardent desire to make their world beautiful.

20 November 2014

Bringing sexy back

And again, I found myself looking at this beautiful woman with some kind of poker face, I guess. I've shared my admiration for Sofi's personal styling taste several times before (here & here & here) but that's just what's going to happen once again now with her most recent editorial for H&M Life shot also by the great duo of Swedish photographers behind Stockholm Streetstyle. Talking about a winning team here clearly!
It's a well made tale about (one of my favourites) nordic queens, bringing sexy back in the chicness of Paris!

Photos: H&M
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